lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Montenegro: Conferece on LGBT rigths hosted by the Government.

As a World Copresident of ILGALAW I am pleased to invite you to the Conference on LGBT rights hosted by Montenegro's Government, and cohosted by ILGALaw.
Live discussion

Welcoming Note of the Prime Minister – H.E. Mr. Igor Lukšić, PhD

Dear Conference participants,

It is my great pleasure to wish you a warm welcome to Montenegro and to the Conference “Together Against Discrimination” the key goal of which is to promote the Recommendation of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

As the Committee of Ministers recalled, discrimination and social exclusion on account of sexual orientation or gender identity may best be overcome by concrete actions. Also, neither cultural, traditional nor religious values, nor the rules of „dominant culture“ can be invoked to justify hate speech or any other form of discrimination, including on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.

I see the organization of this Conference as extremely important, not only for Montenegro, but for the region as well. This is even more true since the Government of Montenegro is for the first time hosting an event that is organized on the highest level and has recommendations of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers as its topic.

This confirms the full dedication of the Government of Montenegro to the policy of combating discrimination and promoting human rights, as well as to the implementation of international standards. It is a reachable goal for us to achieve a greater unity in more determinant response to the challenges our modern society is faced with. I would like to convey to you, dear Conference participants, that we do respect the other and the different as equal. I also want to tell you that we are ready to deal with the prejudice both in the state and in the individuals. And we will not do it just for the sake of meeting the obligations that arise from the membership in international organizations, but because of our sincere and true aspiration for change

Our intention is also to encourage greater unity of all stakeholders and to send the message that we will work together on the promotion of protection and visibility of LGBT persons.

I assure you that in Montenegro there is an unequivocal commitment to the respect of universal human rights. This Conference is an exceptional opportunity to discuss with our partners the measures for combating all forms of discrimination with the view to promote human rights, respect for human dignity, and personal integrity.

I would like to express gratitude to everybody who contributed to the organization and work of this high level conference and I wish a pleasant stay in Montenegro to our guests.

Best wishes for the success of the Conference.

Igor Lukšić, PhD
Prime Minister

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